Mission Statement

To provide emergency rescue teams everywhere with world class urban search and rescue software to help in disaster coordination and saving lives.
Designed by emergency crews and management together
Using smart devices and technology in disaster environments has been a challenge for urban search and rescue from the top end international arena, to domestic FEMA levels, and grass roots volunteer CERT first responders. Today, we present to you, a dedicated USAR app and team management website that streamline what we need in the field, all in one application: Disaster Surveyor. Designed by both "boots on the ground" and management, Disaster Surveyor compliments existing information systems with immediate feedback from the team for better situational awareness. Unlike other tools that are made to fit the needs of Search and Rescue, our tools have been purpose built with 20 years of experience, and with industry standards such as NAPSG v7 Data Collection Waypoints, UN INSARAG forms, CERT operations and more. Designed as a decentralized application, information is primarily stored on each user's device, rather than a central server as many popular apps do today. This allows for redundancy, operations offline, as well as give management the ability to filter data collected from the team, before pushing up the chain of command. Our apps will always be free for both iOS and Android devices, while a premium team management website feature is available with unique flexible team licensing plans. Our intent, when starting this venture, was to create a tool which will ultimately help humanity in a time of crisis. We look forward to your feedback and input to help make saving lives transparent with our technology. most sincerely yours, Andrew Olvera, Co-Founder and CEO
Notable events Disaster Surveyor was deployed for:
  • 7.0 quake near Izmir, Turkey Oct 2020 (International USAR team)
  • California wildfires Sept 2020 (local CA fire depts)
  • Beirut, Lebanon explosion August 2020 (International USAR team)
  • South Carolina Hurricane Dorian Sept 2019 (Civilian Air Patrol)
  • 7.1 Ridgecrest quake in July 2019 (a Regional Task Force)
  • Cyclone Idai efforts in Zimbabwe and Mozambique in 2019 (International USAR teams)
  • Hurricane Michael in 2018 (2 FEMA teams)
  • OFDA/USAID international drills April 2018 (US teams)
  • Santa Barbara mudslides Jan 2018 (a Regional Task Force)
  • Mexico City, Mexico quake Sept 2017 (US team)
  • Chile team's United Nations qualifications test Nov 2017
  • Houston, Texas, USA, Hurricane Harvey 2017 (volunteer responders)
  • United Nations reclassifications test (IER) April 2017 (US team)
System Features