Mission Statement

To provide emergency rescue teams everywhere with world class urban search and rescue software to help in disaster coordination and saving lives.
Designed by emergency crews and management together

Using smart devices and technology in disaster environments has been a challenge for urban search and rescue. While many apps and website tools exist that perform a portion of what we need for our work, the learning curve as well as interoperability issues have prevented us from having a single unified system to collect and organize the information we need for better field situational awareness. Today, we present to you, a smart device app and team management website that streamline what we need in the field, all in one application: Disaster Surveyor.

Designed by both “boots on the ground” and management admins, Disaster Surveyor is designed to compliment your existing information systems with key information from the field for better situational awareness in disaster areas. Our tools can also be used stand alone, as well, and allow management one last set of eyes on documents prior to submitting forms of incidents up the chain of command. Team members submit information to their Base of Operations (BoO), who then can review, fill in the blanks, or translate narrative in one place before making forms visible to USAR Coordination Cells (UCC).

Designed with disaster environments in mind, a low bandwidth and offline mode allow for quick transmission of secure text-only data of forms, while photos and drawings may be uploaded upon availability of 3G or better data connectivity. We hope you find our application first of all, useful in helping to save lives, and make coordination of disaster relief a simple tablet app process so our first responders can do their critical work of disaster relief and recovery.

Our apps are available today for download in the Apple iTunes app store and Google Play app store. For any questions on best practices and how to integrate into your USAR operations, or if you wish to have an account upgraded to the Commander Edition that can manage data from all your team members, please contact alex@disastersurveyor.com or myself at andy@disastersurveyor.com. We look forward to your feedback and input to help make saving lives transparent with our technology.

God speed and with our best,
Andrew Olvera, Team USA2 CA-TF2
Los Angeles County Fire Captain

System Features