Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Disaster Surveyor app and team management website tools are available for use free by local, national, and international Urban Search and Rescue teams around the world.
The Team Leader account manages data for their team members signed up with the same ‘team code’. Team leaders also can approve or deny members joining that team. An Ops Coordinator is able to see external team members who have been shared to your team code (view only). To have your account upgraded to a Team Leader or Ops Coordinator for free, please contact
The main international version app with the light blue logo contains United Nations INSARAG compliant forms for Worksite Triage, Victim Extrication, Worksite Report, and Sector Assessment, as well as pdf forms that pre-populate with data collected in the app (available on the website). The U.S. and CERT versions do not contain these forms. The U.S. version (dark blue logo) further contains fields for ‘follow up’ info for Waypoints per FEMA requirements, and has FEMA Master Talley and Excel Follow up form that auto populate on it’s website at The CERT Surveyor version (green logo) has FEMA Waypoint iconography for the CERT program but do not have the follow up form fields in the Waypoint screen, but is otherwise CERT compliant. The website for CERT Surveyor user data is at
Yes, we have several countries with customized versions with domestic incident report forms and full customization to support government level agencies are possible with a customization order.
We currently support English and Spanish languages within the apps, while our main international version website at has web page language translation available via Google translate. For Spanish version INSARAG PDF forms, we have a Latin America / Caribbean  website at We are, however, available for customization of our apps to the language of your choice through our consultation services. Please contact for more info.
Yes, the GPX and KML files downloaded from your website account for form locations, GPS Track Sets, and Waypoints are compatible with loading as layers in your ArcGIS Online account. Further, we have ArcGIS Online Account User Authentication available for users who require custom data population from our system.
Yes, our system has been deployed in the Mexico City Earthquake in Sept 2017, during Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael (Oct 2018) Search and Rescue efforts in the U.S., as well as in a dozen international Simex Drills, IER/IECs, and Emergency Disaster Preparedness Exercises by teams in the U.S, U.K, Chile, Argentina, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France and Greece to name a few.
No, your account with Disaster Surveyor can be used to log into any of our apps and websites. The data associated to your account will display as pertinent for each website tool. For example, if data is collected for ‘follow up forms’ in the U.S. version app, that data will appear in the download for the Excel Follow Up form, but in the CERT and International websites, will not display, while rest of the common fields will populate. One account, all Disaster Surveyor tools accessible. This means a custom website with reporting requirements for domestic government use can use the same user accounts as the international website and UN INSARAG forms.
All our apps support WGS84 Decimal Datum formats. Additionally, CERT Surveyor and US Disaster Surveyor also support USNG on the main GPS screen, and Waypoint data collected in the Waypoints screen. Additional formats such as UTM available in the near future.
We keep our datum in WGS84 decimal format for consistent reporting and common baseline for conversion to other formats. The baseline datum for each app is set by the guideline for each agency (i.e. INSARAG is decimal, US version is USNG).