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The following are some application tips and good to know facts on maximizing our apps. Please come back periodically as we will continue to update and refine this list as the system is updated!

  • All default new user signups are ‘standard users’. If you are a team manager or leader, please use our Upgrade Request form to be upgraded free to a Team Admin account. The Team Admin account can manage all team members for your team code.
  • The “last know user location” that is displayed on the website account dashboard is based on a ping from the app to the server when the app’s home screen is displayed. Every time the home screen is visible, a location ping is sent back. This is done to minimize GPS battery drainage when GPS tracking is not in use.
  • For the best GPS accuracy, go to the GPS home screen in the app and keep the screen open for 1 to 2 minutes under an open sky. This will give your device enough time to usually triangulate and sync with a GPS network. Please do caveat that GPS capabilities vary from device to device. Most premium smart devices with cellular data have an assisted-GPS chip in them, while others may only use network triagulation (wifi, cell towers). For highest accuracy, we recommend connecting your device to a dedicated GPS device via bluetooth.
  • For all forms in the International version, and for the saved Waypoints in CERT and US versions, checking the checkbox next to the item means that item will be uploaded when you tap “upload” on the screen.
  • All form data, photos, and GPS Waypoint data remain on the device, regardless of who is logged in. This is intentional by design, so that so the app can be shared with multiple users. For example, a team leader may identify a worksite to do an initial recon, then pass the device and app on to a team member to finish off. The person who is currently logged is, is who’s name will appear and be associated to the data uploaded to the website.
  • You can upload an updated form or waypoint multiple times, as you update your info. Multiple copies with newer time stamps will appear on the website tools.
  • If you have no data signal, but need to log into the app, the app has an emergency offline by pass that will let the last logged in person log back in as long as their email and password match.
  • When a new team message is sent to the team, the message icon on the bottom right of the home screen lights up in red. Going to the team message screen will turn off the red indicator.
  • Tapping the ‘website’ icon on the bottom right corner of the home screen will take the user to the account website for that app with the current logged in user. On occasion, if you have used multiple accounts or multiple apps, you may be logged into the mobile website with another account. To fix this issue, simply log out of the mobile website on your default web browser and try again through your app.
  • When using GPS tracking, when you tap “Tracks on/off”, the tracking will start and a green indicator will display “Tracking On”. If you tap the green indicator, it will turn orange and pause the tracking without deleting your currently collected tracks data. Tap again to turn green and continue. When you are done, tap the grey ‘Save Track’ button to save the current track set, or tap “Reset Track” to clear the current GPS tracks in memory to fully shut off the GPS tracking.
  • When you Add a New Waypoint, you can tap either the “Photo” button at the top of the screen or tap the camera icon in the box on the right of the screen to open the camera and take a photo. If you tap the preview of the photo, you will be taken to the photo gallery of the Waypoint. You can then add more photos there or delete unwanted photos. When you upload the Waypoint, all photos associated to that Waypoint will be uploaded.
  • All photos taken in all our apps are 500×500 compressed images so as to save bandwidth in mission critical environments.
  • All functionality are the same in CERT and US Domestic versions minus the four forms on the home screen of the International version.
  • Your user account can be used to sign into all 3 apps, and all 3 websites interchangeably and your data will follow with you to those websites. The US Domestic version differs from the CERT on the Waypoints details page. The US version has additional ‘Follow up’ form fields, which are visible in the Excel download on the US domestic website.