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USAR Data Collection App and Team Management Website

Disaster Surveyor makes today’s urban search and rescue field data collection and reporting process efficient and centralized. Our web-based disaster management tools give team leaders the ability to view all in-progress work to gain real time situational awareness.
  • NEW PREMIUM FEATURE: SMS-based team dispatch
  • NEW PREMIUM FEATURE: SMS-based Team Messaging
  • NEW PREMIUM FEATURE: Post Waypoint Data to any ArcGIS Online Feature Layer for Operations Dashboards
  • NEW PREMIUM FEATURE: Archiving of Forms, Tracks, Waypoints and viewing by date range
  • Master account to view all in-progress work to gain real time situational awareness while waiting for official vetted information to be submitted via current information exchange process.
  • Expedited information download: Crews can upload information to the base of operations from the field in real time.
  • Base technical information personnel can download GPS coordinates in multiple formats to include the INSARAG forms, vet information and upload to UCC (USAR Coordination Cell).
  • Ability for commander to view last known locations of teammates
  • International language support website dashboard and Spanish version app UI support
  • In app team messaging between app and commander website
  • Photos attached to forms and waypoints for visibility of actual problem at hand
  • Export to our ArcGIS Operations Dashboard, or download GPX, KML, PDF and Excel files w/ photos + icons

  • Deployed on DoD Level 5 certified Amazon Cloud Network
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