Video Tutorials

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How to Save Waypoints in the App

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Length: 3:31 min

This is a quick how-to on how to save waypoints in the app. The Waypoints feature are virtually the same on CERT, US, and International Disaster Surveyor versions. The only difference is that on the US version, there are additional FEMA “Follow up” form fields that appear below the standard Waypoint collection screen shown in the tutorial.

How to Manage Team Waypoints

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Length: 7:22 min

This is a quick how-to on how to manage waypoints uploaded to your team account by your team members. The website section for Waypoints Management is functionally identical between CERT, US and International Disaster Surveyor websites. The only exception is that in the US version, the excel download file contains FEMA Follow up form fields. Both CERT and US version websites also have a FEMA Tally Sheet download that is automatically populated by Waypoints selected on the page.

How to Manage and Share Team Members to External teams

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Length: 15:59 min

This tutorial videos show you how to manage your team members for your team code. Topics covered include approving/declining new users, selecting users for data displayed in the website, sharing users to external teams, different user access levels and temporarily removing users from your team.

How to Create Triage Forms and Pick Triage Category

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Length: 10:01 min

This tutorial videos show you how to create Worksite Triage forms. Topics covered include a primer on understanding Worksite Triage form categories and how to choose which category and why.

How to Share and Export Data

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Length: 10:37 min

In this video, learn the various ways data collected on the Disaster Surveyor apps can be shared and exported. Types of exporting include: GPX files, KML files, PDF report forms, Excel files, displaying data on the ArcGIS Operations Dashboard and more.

Using the ArcGIS Operations Dashboard

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Length: 6:23 min

Learn how to publicly display your forms and waypoint data on our ArcGIS Operations Dashboard with the click of a mouse. Simply click checkboxes for items to publish and click a link to send to our Dashboard.