The Worksite Triage forms help gather preliminary data during initial review of a disaster worksite. The forms comply with United Nations INSARAG worksite triage forms. The home screen for your worksite forms displays a checkbox to indicate which forms to upload when the ‘Upload’ button is pressed and top level info on the form including: Worksite ID, Triage Category, Date, and Lat/long of the worksite. Each form has the ability to add multiple photos taken with the app, generate a search marking, some general INSARAG guidelines for the form, as well as the ability to share the form via URL link to another Disaster Surveyor app user, or, if clicked outside of the app by the recipient, to see the full PDF version of the report along with any attached photos and sketches. When a data signal is not available, changing the settings to “Offline mode” switches the sharing from URL link, to a text JSON packet that will share the form via Bluetooth to another Disaster Surveyor app user. Automatic identification of which user, what GPS lat/long, and what team ID are automatically saved upon form creation, for use in team group management in the Commander Edition web-based dashboard.

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