All new premium features require a user license to use. Team licenses purchased in bulk quantities of 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400 or 1000 can be assigned to any non-licensed team member through the main Team page (figure 94):

Figure 94. Team License assignments screen.

Important Points for user licenses:
  • Users who purchase licenses either for themselves or for the team will have a star icon appear in the “Premium license assigned to” column. This indicates the user owns a license and their license cannot be removed nor a team license assigned to them.
  • All team members, whether they are assigned a license or not, will be able to receive SMS Team Messaging generic alerts as long as 1 team member for your team code has a license. However, only users who are assigned or own a license will receive the team message content directly to their phones. (For an example of a generic alert message, see SMS Messaging section above)
  • Users you have assigned a team license to by checking the checkbox will have premium features available when they log into their accounts. On the team dispatch page, however, these are all always left unselected. You can pick and choose as many people as you have licenses, for each SMS Dispatch sent, and it will not affect the people you have assigned licenses to on the “team” page.