SMS Team Messaging is a new premium feature for the Disaster Surveyor family of team management websites. After upgrading to a premium account, your team members (with a phone number and “Opt-in to receive SMS…” checked in their “Account” page) will receive an SMS alert that a new message is available in the Team Messaging screen of the app (figure 90):

Figure 90. Generic SMS Alert exists notice.

Direct SMS Team Messages, the actual content of the message someone has posted in team messaging, are received by users who are either assigned a team premium license, or have purchased a license on their own (figure 91):

Figure 91. Direct Team Messages are visible to premium users.

Important Tips for sending SMS Team Messages:
  • Your team members can reply back directly via SMS and the message is sent to all team members as well as in the team messaging screen in the app and website.
  • The person you are sending an SMS to must have both a phone number and the “opt-in for SMS…” checked in their “account” page. 
  • First time users who receive a text from Disaster Surveyor will require their consent by texting “OPTIN” when prompted to do so. The very first permission request text will read: “Disaster Surveyor Alerts: Reply OPTIN to confirm receiving alerts from Disaster Surveyor. Text OPTOUT to end. Msg&Data Rates May Apply.” (Please note that we do not charge on a per sms/text basis, this is solely regarding the sms/text/data service your team member’s phone is using).
  • Please be sure that in the “Account” page, your team member has their phone number entered correctly. The first box is for the country code (“1” for US/Canada), and the 2nd bigger box is rest of the phone number.