1. To view last known locations of your users, log into the appropriate website with your Team Admin or Ops Coordinator account (https://www.disastersurveyor.com/login for international, https://cert.disastersurveyor.com for CERT, https://us.disastersurveyor.com for US domestic, and https://lac.disastersurveyor.com for Spanish international). Upon logging in, a list of all team members is listed below the map (figure 51). Clicking on the placemark on the map for each user displays their name, Team Code, date/time, and lat/lon coordinates. (Important Note: These points are saved when a team member opens the Disaster Surveyor app and is viewing the app home screen.)
    2. To approve or decline new users to your team, simply click either the ‘approve’ or ‘decline’ links at the top of the website home or in the ‘Account’ page (figure 51b). Only users who are approved are shown the contents of the Team Messaging feature and files, images, and waypoints data shown on the team account for Team Leaders and Ops Coordinators.


Figure 51

Figure 51. Team members map

Figure 15b

Figure 51b. New user approvals