1. To view the team account settings, clicking on the “Account” link in the top menu (figure 79). Team Admins and Ops Coordinator users will see a list of their team members on this page. Standard users will only see a set of fields to update their account first and last names, email and password, as well as to update their Team Code.
  2. To select team members data to display, check the checkbox next to the person’s name in the far-left column, then click “Save” at the bottom of the list. To confirm that those users are now appearing on your website account, click on the “Disaster Surveyor” logo on the upper left, and confirm these team members are displayed below the “Last Known Location” map.
  3. To change the team member account level, select the desired account level for that user in the “Account Type” drop down for that user. This option is only available to Team Admin accounts. The options available are: “Standard User”, “Observer”, “Ops Coordinator”, and “Team Admin”. A “Standard User” can only see their own data when logged into the website. The “Ops Coordinator” account can see and manage all team member data with the exception of not being able to change the access levels for team members. The “Observer” account is just like “Ops Coordinator” but with “view only” restrictions on the entire website. The “Team Admin” account is the master account for your team that can change team member access levels as well as manage every aspect of their team account. After setting desired access level changes, click the “Save” button below the set of team member names.
  4. To share a team member’s data with an external team, click the “Select Teams” button in the “Share with external team” column, and check the checkbox for one more Team Codes and click “Save”. Once set to share, those users will appear on the Account page for the team code they are shared to.
  5. To unshare a team member with an external team, click the “unshare this user” link next to the drop down list of shared Team Codes. 
  6. To remove a team member from your team, click on the “Remove from my team” link. Once a member has been removed from your team, they will need to re-request being added back to your team by updating their Team Code in the app’s “Team Code” settings screen. When a user is removed from an existing team, their Team Code will be removed from their app, and the top bar of the home screen of the app will just display “Disaster Surveyor” (or “CERT Surveyor” or “US Disaster Surveyor” depending on the app) instead of the Team Code they belong to.
  7. To approve or decline a new member for your team,  click on the “approve” or “decline” link next to the new requesting member’s name. This section will appear at the top of both this “Account” page as well as on the website dashboard home. 


Figure 79

Figure 79. Account settings