1. To view all photos in the app, tap “Photos” on the right side of the app home screen (figure 48).
  2. To take an unassigned photo, tap “Camera” on the right side of the home screen. This will add a photo to the app that is not yet assigned to any form or waypoint. To have a photo assigned automatically to a form or waypont, it is recommended to just take a photo on the Waypoint details screen, Add New Waypoint screen, or while a form is open using the “Camera” or “Photo” options in the menu bar of the form details. 
  3. To delete a photo, tap the trash can icon for the photo thumbnail.
  4. To disassociate a photo from a form or waypoint, tap the “trash can” icon for the thumbnail. Please note that this will also delete the photo from the main photo gallery as well.
  5. To make the photo larger, tap the photo thumbnail, then tap again to close (figure 48b). 


Figure 48

Figure 48. Photo gallery

Figure 48b

Figure 48b. Enlarged photo